SoftShell Ice Cream Ball

QR 20/day

Make delicious ice cream anywhere, anytime — great for parties, barbecues, picnics, camping trips, etc. Just add natural ingredients that are as simple as cream, sugar, and vanilla in one end then add ice and rock salt in the other end. The softshell exterior makes it fun to shake, roll, and play



  1. Mix all the ingredients together and put into the ice cream ball
  2. Fill the ice portion of the ice cream ball with ice
  3. Add 1/2 cup rock salt to the ice
  4. Roll, spin, stir, toss, flip, and shake the ball around for 10 minutes
  5. Open up the ice cream ball, stir, close ball
  6. Drain some water from ice section, add more ice and salt.
  7. Roll, spin, stir, toss, flip, and shake for another 10 minutes
  8. Enjoy your tasty homemade ice cream at the campsite or in the backyard!