Our Policies

                                                            General Policy


Here at MyRenture our upmost priority is to maintain a level of trust by ensuring that all demands, transactions, services, items, and many more are delivered with the great and smooth process. In order to develop a safe environment MyRenture is built upon a set guidelines that will help the cause.

Our general Privacy Policy states the mentioned.


•First and foremost, MyRenture will not have access to any sort of payment information that will provide insecurity to a user. MyRenture aims to provide a safe and trustable environment.

•Lender and Borrower information will be held safely within our database. Only accessible to admin when needed. Information consists of Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Email, QID or Passport number and copy. Admin may use this information to verify the user, if information does not match the account will be removed. Lenders will not be refunded.


                                                               Lender Policy


 MyRenture lenders are the backbones of this marketplace. Without these lenders a marketplace as such would never have been possible. In order to ensure their privacy and security, we provide lenders with a set of guidelines.


  • A lender must go through the verification step which will ensure the reliability of the lender. During verification process lender may be asked, personal information which will be kept safe in our database for security and safety purposes.
  • Lender will have control over price setting. However, must follow the guidelines set by MyRenture admins in order to set a deposit. Which can be located (Deposit page).
    • Lenders will not hold the deposit money rather will be in control of the admin. If lender runs into any sort of problem such as overdue rental or unreturned item or damaged item, the lender has access to report the client, which will lead to further investigation.
    • To ensure lenders products are safe borrower must pay the deposit fee to the admin in order to rent out. If borrower delays the date of return, extra day charges will be deducted from the deposit fee.
  • If lender does not pay the monthly subscription lender will be given a weeks notice before shutting down the account along with removal of their products.
  • Lender must contact borrower before pick-up date to verify the request.


                                                             Borrower Policy


MyRenture marketplace is accessible to anyone who finds their needs met. In order to cater a secure and safe environment a privacy policy has been compiled for borrowers:


  • Borrower information is accessible by Lender and Admin. Information includes Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number(s), Email, QID or Passport number and copy, and Address.
  • Borrower info may or will be used to contact by lender and/or admin if borrower does not comply with terms and conditions of MyRenture lenders. In addition, if borrower damages or does not return a product, information will be used to contact and question.
  • Borrower transaction info is secure and is not available to lender nor admin. Lender and admin have access to the amount of transaction.
  • Borrowers must pay a deposit fee to the admin to ensure the safety of lender products and deposit fee. Deduction will be required if borrower delays the return. Or if damaged or not returned a product, deposit will be sent to lender.
  • To ensure the security of the deposit fee, borrower deposit fee will be transferred to admin account which will be safe till return day. Once item is returned deposit will be returned to the borrower by the admin.