- How do I ensure the security of my product?


During rental transaction, MyRenture requires for a deposit fee to also be paid. The deposit fee will not go into the hands of the lender rather be safe with the admin, in order to ensure the security of borrowers deposit. Through thorough investigation conducted by MyRenture, if an Item is found to be damaged the deposit fee will be transferred to lenders account.


- Why is my ID or Passport being requested?


In order to assure the security of your product. We have asked you to provide us with your ID or Passports. In case of any breech of security of your item we can provide ID details to the appropriate authorities to conduct further investigation. ID or Passports will be access able only by MyRenture admins, and will only be used when needed. MyRenture user info is kept safe in MyRenture datastores. 


- What should I do if I want a product and it is not on the marketplace? 

MyRenture offers the perfect marketplace to rent out your items and borrow an item. If you need an item and it is not on market, MyRenture offers a feature which is the Wishlist feature. On your homepage towards the top right, there is a Wishlist option. Simply login with your account and request what you wish for. Your request will be sent out to all the lenders. If they got your item then they will notify and you will get your product.