About Us





Globally we face a problem of a constant urge of buying a product when in need. We will live in a society where the buying culture is the norm. Anything we need the first thing we do is buy. This is a platform that was deigned to achieve an economic system, known as collaborative consumption. A market structure that does not involve the process of constantly buying but rather a process in which people collaborate in order to fulfill the others needs. The first of it's kind in the country.


The Platform


I along with others have collaborated to develop this platform, MyRenture, that allows for you and I to achieve this market structure. MyRenture offers a marketplace to advertise your product for rent. Not only will this help in reaching the goal for a collaborative market, but also an opportunity to gain capital via your products. Just by simply advertising your product you are getting chance to earn money. In addition, the goal is to also allow people to gain their capital back. Often products are purchased, but are used once, and they gather dust. MyRenture prevents that from happening. Your product not only be used but help someone else fulfill their demand. 


MyRenture offers a wide marketplace, giving you all the options for your necessity. The marketplace has a wide range of products, everything from baby care to travel items. Not only will MyRenture be the cause to your solution but a cause for you to earn. MyRenture provides for you an opportunity to grow and get to know the market. MyRenture will help develop much closer societies. 


The Need for this platform started with the reaction of people towards achieving their demands. Watching and listening to people say "I will buy that…" and to find that product later sit on the shelf. This sparked the idea and caused for the beginning of MyRenture.

Go ahead and sign up for this adventure of renting, hence the name MyRenture. Every persons' unique renting adventure.


Why MyRenture?


  • Help in developing a collaborative economy.
  • A way to earn money.
  • A help to other, by fulfilling their needs.
  • No need to purchase products and have them sit on the shelf to collect dust.
  • Involvement into the market.
  • Learning experience. Learn how to deal and advertise.
  • Engagement with others.